Enable transactions on Informix DB

We need to have the following variables set: INFORMIXDIR=/opt/IBM/informix INFORMIXSQLHOSTS=/opt/IBM/Informix/etc/sqlhosts.ol_informix1170 INFORMIXSERVER=ol_informix1170 Now, we can enable the transactions, in first we need to put the database in “quiescent mode” (???): >/opt/IBM/informix/bin/onmode –uy Note: doing this disable access to the database. enable transactions: >/opt/IBM/informix/bin/ontape –s –L 0 –B d9exp Re-enable the connections: >/opt/IBM/informix/bin/onmode -m Helpful information: Jdbc… Continue reading Enable transactions on Informix DB

Unlock Informix table

First, get the sessid using the following sql: select unique dbsname db, tabname table, case when type=”S” then “shared lock” when type=”IS” then “intent shared lock” when type=”SIX” then “shared intent excl lock” when type=”XS” then “shared key value by RR” when type=”IX” then “intent excl lock” when type=”X” then “exclusive lock” when type=”XR” then… Continue reading Unlock Informix table

Bitronix configuration

After a first attempt to configure the JBoss transaction manager including  JMS, I finally decided to try the Bitronix transaction manager. Here is the detail of the configuration. First of all, you need to add the bitronix jars to your project, using Maven, it’s done very easily (unlike JBossTS, which needs a lot of different… Continue reading Bitronix configuration

Improve server startup using Informix and MyBatis

Working on a project with an Informix database and using MyBatis as the persistence layer, I noted that the start-up of the server takes a long time (about 2 minutes). It is not really a problem if the performance of the application are good, as you don’t start your server all the day, but when… Continue reading Improve server startup using Informix and MyBatis