Enable transactions on Informix DB

We need to have the following variables set: INFORMIXDIR=/opt/IBM/informix INFORMIXSQLHOSTS=/opt/IBM/Informix/etc/sqlhosts.ol_informix1170 INFORMIXSERVER=ol_informix1170 Now, we can enable the transactions, in first we need to put the database in “quiescent mode” (???): >/opt/IBM/informix/bin/onmode –uy Note: doing this disable access to the database. enable transactions: >/opt/IBM/informix/bin/ontape –s –L 0 –B d9exp Re-enable the connections: >/opt/IBM/informix/bin/onmode -m Helpful information: Jdbc… Continue reading Enable transactions on Informix DB

Unlock Informix table

First, get the sessid using the following sql: select unique dbsname db, tabname table, case when type=”S” then “shared lock” when type=”IS” then “intent shared lock” when type=”SIX” then “shared intent excl lock” when type=”XS” then “shared key value by RR” when type=”IX” then “intent excl lock” when type=”X” then “exclusive lock” when type=”XR” then… Continue reading Unlock Informix table

Improve server startup using Informix and MyBatis

Working on a project with an Informix database and using MyBatis as the persistence layer, I noted that the start-up of the server takes a long time (about 2 minutes). It is not really a problem if the performance of the application are good, as you don’t start your server all the day, but when… Continue reading Improve server startup using Informix and MyBatis