ThreadLocal usage

The ThreadLocal is very helpful to keep some information available from anywhere in the application but it is very important to release it when the process ends, otherwise, the resource will never be free and can cause a memory leak. Here is an example of using TheadLocal to store data in a web application. I… Continue reading ThreadLocal usage

My Eclipse shortcuts

Here is a list of my favorite shortcuts I use with Eclipse: [Ctrl]+[D]: Delete row [Ctrl]+[F]: Search in file [Ctrl]+[H]: Search->search… [Ctrl]+[O]: Navigation->Quick outline [Ctrl]+[Q]: Last edit location [Ctrl]+[S]: save the current tab [Ctrl]+[T]: Navigation->Quick type hierarchy [Alt]+[left/right]: Back/next to tab [Alt]+[up/down]: Move row [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[C]: Comment selection/uncomment commented selection [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[G]: Search->references->workspace [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[R]: Navigation->Open resource [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[S]:… Continue reading My Eclipse shortcuts

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