My Eclipse shortcuts

Here is a list of my favorite shortcuts I use with Eclipse:
[Ctrl]+[D]: Delete row
[Ctrl]+[F]: Search in file
[Ctrl]+[H]: Search->search…
[Ctrl]+[O]: Navigation->Quick outline
[Ctrl]+[Q]: Last edit location
[Ctrl]+[S]: save the current tab
[Ctrl]+[T]: Navigation->Quick type hierarchy

[Alt]+[left/right]: Back/next to tab
[Alt]+[up/down]: Move row

[Ctrl]+[Shift]+[C]: Comment selection/uncomment commented selection
[Ctrl]+[Shift]+[G]: Search->references->workspace
[Ctrl]+[Shift]+[R]: Navigation->Open resource
[Ctrl]+[Shift]+[S]: save all tabs
[Ctrl]+[Shift]+[T]: Navigation->Open type
[Ctrl]+[Shift]+[Y]: Lowercase selection
[Ctrl]+[Shift]+[X]: Uppercase selection

[Alt]+[Shift]+[L]: Refactor->extract local variable…
[Alt]+[Shift]+[M]: Refactor->extract method…
[Alt]+[Shift]+[R]: Rename an element (variable/class/package, etc…)
[Alt]+[Shift]+[S]: Source
[Alt]+[Shift]+[T]: Refactor
[Alt]+[Shift]+[Z]: Source->surround with

[F5]: Step into (debug)
[F6]: Step over (debug)
[F7]: Step return (debug)
[F8]: Resume (debug)

I omitted the common undo, copy/paste and so on 😉

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