Display Maven release number in JSF page

In the web projects, it is often useful to see quickly the version of the deployed application. A simple solution is to get it from Maven and display it in our page, in footer or a “about” page.
The main idea is to use a property file as a JSF resource as we can use, for example, when we have a i18n requirement.
For that, I put a property file version.properties with content in the resource directory:


The version is the version defined in our project pom and it is automatically provided by Maven.
The revision is the revision number of the last build provided by SVN, to get it, I will need another Maven plugins.

Now, I need to tell to JSF to use this file as resource file, I do it in my faces-config.xml:


And to display it in our JSF pages, I add:

	<div>classNotFound.net ©2014 -
		v#{vers.version} - #{vers.revision}</div>

If I try to access to this page, I will not see the version/revision, to do that, I have to ask Maven to filter the properties files and replace the variables.
In my pom.xml, I add:


To have the build number, I have to use 3 Maven plugins:


Now, it works.

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